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  About the Book  


     Victims of abuse often concedal their pain asa they carry their scars. Chained as prisoners of the past, many hide in secrecy, afraid of the consequesnces of revealing the horrors of childhood experiences. On the surface they may seem carefree and happy, yet inside, a festering wound exists. The only road to freedom from this prison requires confronting he past and revealing its pain in the light of God's love.
     This is a must-read for pastors, youth leaders and those who have been subjected the violation of innocence.
     Barbara Joy Hansen steps forward with her story: A story of redemption; a story of extraordinary courage; a story of healing. 
      She not only faced her own demons. She faced the perpetrators and then turned her attention to helping others. Read this book and learn what true goodness is. Overcome the deafening silence of sexual abuse.

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