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Rosstrum Publishing is a division of The Border Company, LLC


8 Strawberry Bank Rd.

Suite 20

Nashua, New Hampshire

Brian Hammar  
Meet the Author




      Brian Hammar was trained as an engineer and an Air Force pilot. Long before he took the controls of an aircraft, he flew among the clouds in his dreams. Those dreams led to an imaginative interest in a variety of genres.

Mythology was a great interest as was the explanations about the development of the world as expounded by classical writers. This study led to the stimulation of his creative and technical curiosity. Legends and folklore of the North American Indians nurtured a similar fascination, as did his summers spent in Wells, Maine, exploring the rocky shores.

Brian has written many full-length novels as well as a variety of short stories. His Rosstrum Publishing efforts include Fishermen's Justice, a short story; and Wind Castle, in large print.

He is the father of two grown daughters and two grandchildren. He and his wife, Betty, live in New Hampshire.




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