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Rosstrum Publishing is a division of The Border Company, LLC


8 Strawberry Bank Rd.

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Nashua, New Hampshire

  About the Book  



       It was a hot summers day, the kind of day where the less you
do, the better. A nice day for a private detective not to have a
case. The note tucked under my door put an end to my idle thoughts. It was from a Maxine Preston and she wanted to hire me
to investigate her sister’s death.She didn’t believe that an accident
caused her sister’s demise. Seemed like a simple enough case.
I’d do a few interviews, speak to my contacts at the police
department, and hopefully alleviate Maxine’s doubts. I met up
with my new client and began my work. A piece of cake, I thought.
      Shortly into my investigation I found myself waking from
unconsciousness in my car, with two shovels full of horse manure in
my back seat. It couldn’t get much worse than that.
      But it did.

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