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  Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The Stories of Sherlock Maynard
Chapter 2 - My BIG Break
Chapter 3 - Beantown and Beyond
   Playing With the Boston Celtics - 1961
   Community Auditions
       Live Telecast Highlights 1965 - 1986
   Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus
      Auguste Clown - 1970
   Home Run at Fenway Park - 1977
   The Arctic Circle
   Blizzard of '78
    Working The Night Shift - Saving A Life!
   Traffic Tickets
   The Charles River Cleanup
    Go With the Flo
Chapter 4 - Hangin' With The Stars
   Louis Armstrong - 1952
   Jimmy Durante
   Warren Beatty
   Julia Child
   "Fats" Domino
   Zsa Zsa Gabor
   Phyllis Diller
   Nat King Cole
    The Searchers
    Bobby Darin
   Connie Francis
   Peter Noone
   Angie Dickinson
   Tony Bennett
   Stephane Grappelli
   Trini Lopez
   Greer Garson
    Jimmy Stewart
   Richard Simmons
   Andy Williams
   Paul Anka
   Danny Kaye
   The Monkees
   Johnny Most
   Lou Monte
Chapter 5 - Politics
   Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neil - 1955
   August 20, 1988 -Tip O'Neill- Going away dinner
   Impromptu Pizza Tasting Contest - 1993
   Payola: Dave takes on The U. S. Congress - Feb. 20, 1961
Chapter 6 - Traveling With Dave
   Hong Kong
   Little Rock, AK - 1980s
   Morocco - Early 1970s
   From Russia With Love? - mid 1980s
   KENYA - Early 1980s
   Cruise on the Delta Queen
   Bull Fighting in Spain
   Splendid China
Chapter 7 - HUMOR
   Strudel Anyone?
   Will Rogers's Kind of Politics
   Old Age is Hell - A poem
   Sex Survey
   Henny Youngman
   Dave's Do's and Don'ts
   Paraphrasing an article by Rep. Hinshaw in the Congressional Record
  One liners, Etc.
  What NOT to do in a job interview
Chapter 8 - Star Spotter
Chapter 9 - Dave's Health Tips
   Wine - The New Panacea
   The Cabbage Soup Diet
   Why Beer is Better than Women
   For All That Ails You
   10 Minute Facial
Chapter 10 - Words to Live By
    All I Ever Really Needed to Know
    Purple & Red Hats
    I'm a Senior Citizen!
    A Poem by Mary Frye
Chapter 11 - Pearls of Wisdom
   How to Do Almost Anything . . . Better
   You Know You're Getting Old When:
Chapter 12 - The Miracle of Birth

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