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  The Monographs  


               These are the monographs that are currently available. Please order by number. Be sure to include your e-mail address.
               Check back often. We will be adding more monographs.

1.      Attitute
               Your attitude matters and will be considered by hiring managers.
2.       Behavior to Avoid
                The five behaviors you should avoid when applying for a position.
3.       Body Language
                 What you don't say can hurt you. Communication is more than just written.
4.        Bullies
                  What to look for during the application process.
5.        Buzz Words
                  When applying, use the correct terminology for the position.
6.        Chemistry
                   What you should do to get along and make a good impression.
7.         Cover Letters
                    The extra work to write personal letters will pay off.
8.          Group Interviews
                     Are individual interviews less effective than being in a group?
9.          Hidden Markets
                     Don't ignore any options.
10.        Hire Me
                     How to rise above the crowd.
11.        Holiday Jobs
                     This may be the best time to search for a new position.
12.        Interview Experience
                      You need to know the role of the interviewer.
13.        Interview  the Interviewer
                       There is no such thing as a stupid question.
14.        Job Search Myths
                        Five myths in your pursuit of a new position.
15.         Look While Working
                        How to keep your job while searching.
16.         Love Your Job
                         If you love the job, it is less like work.
17.         Market Yourself
                         You need to manage your own career.
18.         Unions
                         Information about labor unions.
19.         Military Considerations
                         What you should know if you are a veteran.
20.         Types of Resumes
                         Write your resume to fit your background.
21.         Negotiating
                         Your strongest time to negotiate is the day before you accept a position.
22.         Non Traditional
                          Ignore gender-specific thinking.
23.         Pension Assistance
                          There is help when you encounter a problem or have a question.
24.         Recession-Proof Money
                           You need to be prepared for a "rainy day."
25.         Resume Gaps
                           How to handle employment gaps in your resume.
26.          Teen Jobs
                           Teens have a unique set of problems in finding employment.

       Cynthia Wright has more than 20 years of experience in the job search and placement industry. Many of her monographs have appeared in local and national publications.

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