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      George was ashamed to be thinking how ugly she appeared – even if she were a man, she would have been ugly. “That’s me.” He tried imagining her without the decrepit clothing as he stepped toward her from the counter, but he could see no potential for beauty in the huddled form that loosened her heavy wool scarf.
     She introduced herself to George and some of the other members of the party. Her voice was crusty and she spoke abruptly. When one of the party questioned her suitability to serve as their guide, both she and the clerk assured them there were few in Colorado who knew the area better than she and it was well-known that she possessed the talent, endurance, and determination needed to lead their expedition. George thought she must have gained her endurance and determination from years of ugliness.
“Now the feller who hired me figgered you need the best. And by the looks of some of you, I’d say he’s right. There’s been plenty of snow and wind this winter and if you’d like to take on that mountain with someone who don’t know shit, then I’d be plenty glad to go back to my nice warm cabin,” she said, looking at George.
Stan interrupted, “You’re just what we need, Annie. Can we call you Annie?”
“Course ya can. And so can you, Blondie,” she said to George. “Lord, they’re sure makin’ ’em big back east these days. Well, what do ya say?”
“Mark’s given me nothing but the best since I started working for him,” George said. “And I’m not about to second guess his choices.”
She was quick to organize the group, instructing them to collect their supplies and carry them across the street to a hangar at a small airfield. She advised them that two helicopters would take them up the mountainside as high as practical below the clouds. They were to take their first measurements and hike the remaining distance to the summit where they would collect more data. Two radios would be provided that could be used in the event of an emergency or to call for the helicopters when finished. She suggested they might be on the mountain for three or four days but expressed a willingness to remain longer if necessary.



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